Daddy Freeze Mocks Akpororo “For Doing Free Show After Poor Turn Out”

Last night, comedian Akpororo held a comedy gig at his neighbourhood in Okokomaiko, Lagos. A video however surfaced online showing organisers slashing ticket price and at some point making the show ‘free’ due to ‘low turn-out’.

Daddy Freeze who once had a fall-out with Akpororo over paying of ‘tithes’ has now reacted to the video.


his reaction, Freeze said, ‘wasn’t this the same comedian that insulted

me and called me a wall gecko at the House of the Rock experience last

December? Has his tithe stopped working for him or did he miss paying

his tithe for a month?

See the rest of his post below…


he cursed me and said hurtful things about me, I have forgiven him and

have nothing but love for him and wish he stopped paying or advertising

this idolatrous tithe and worshiped God for who he really is in spirit

and truth
(John 4:24)

Paying tithe is idolatry and harlotry,

it’s the worship of demons, the veneration of mammon and the hero

worship of Satan who according to 2nd Corinthians 4:4, is the God of

this world.

Christ our high priest never collected tithes and neither did the disciples, who were our first bishops and GOs.

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